New York - many faces and distinct

Every time our family visits New York, we are always mesmerized by its diversity and high-rise buildings.. NYC is a true concrete jungle and a melting pot of people and culture. However, the state of NY has a lot more to offer. We have come to the big apple for the third time and this time in the summer. Thus, we did not want to pass on seeing also the countryside.

The highly-developed New York city is awe-inspiring

Our definition of a city may seem shallow but we always associate tall buildings with a developed city. And New York, NYC to be specific, has several skyscrapers more than anywhere in the world. Manhattan is home to iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Plaza, the Grand Central Station, etc. NY is consequently called the “Empire State” because of its vast wealth.

See this for a list of some of the Famous Buildings in Manhattan 

Skyline of Manhattan New York
A view of the Manhattan skyline in New York, sans the Twin Towers sadly.

The countryside is picturesque

The Hudson River flows abundantly along the state. Therefore, the natural landscape of New York is one that is beautiful and gorgeous. Each season would give a place a different look. For instance, while we are on our way to Hyde Park, we are in awe at the picturesque mountaintops, a view taken out from a postcard. Because it is summer and the leaves are green, we couldn’t help but wonder how wonderful it would look in autumn. So, we would like to visit NY again soon in its fall colors.

This list shows you some of the Charming Towns Near NYC 

Croton Gorge Park
Bask in the view the dam and spillway at the base of the Croton Dam.

The diversity of New York and its people

One of the reasons New York is unique is because of its people. For instance, imagine yourself just coming out of Grand Central Station. If you stay still for about 5 minutes and observe the people around you, you would have met different nationalities than you would in your lifetime. It is certainly amazing how these people coexist.

Different kinds of people in NY
Different kinds of people in NY. Photo by Yoav Aziz at IG @yoavaziz