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Who We Are

Filipino, heart and mind. Blessed to be able to travel and migrate to different countries because of work. Ireland is our second home and we miss it terribly. Now, we are in the land of the free and the home of the brave, in the sunny state of Florida. Since coming here, opportunities have poured and we couldn’t be more thankful. Are we settling? That is still uncertain.

Cherry Blossoms

Why We Write

We are not professional writers but this is our only way to express. We are passionate about it. For those who will stumble in our blog, we’d like to share the wonderful things our family has experienced by traveling together.

What Will Our Readers Expect

Guaranteed that it would be mostly about traveling together, the excitement and the stress. Our travels would be local (where we are based presently at the time of writing) – primarily because we are not that financially gifted. We hope that a person who would read our stories would still enjoy our adventure, and maybe learn something. We promise to add insights and reflections.