About ET

Our Story

In 2017, with a desire to preserve the beautiful memories we’d created as a complete family, we embarked on a new journey – starting this blog, “We are ET.” Choosing the name took a lot of pondering, and it ultimately reflects our children’s initials, E and T.

Who We Are​

We are a Filipino family, passionate about travel and grateful for the opportunity to live and work in different countries. Ireland is our second home, holds a special place in our hearts, and we miss it dearly. Currently, we call sunny Florida home, where we’ve been blessed with incredible opportunities. While we’re adjusting to this new chapter, a part of us still wonders if this is our final destination.

Cherry Blossoms

What We Share

The beauty of a family blog lies in its versatility. We plan to share a variety of content, from captivating travel experiences to insightful parenting tips (because raising smart and kind children is definitely a priority!). For travel enthusiasts, we’ll showcase the destinations we’ve explored, offering insider tips, restaurant recommendations, and comfortable accommodation options.

Our blog aspires to go beyond travelogues. We hope to delve into other areas like delicious family recipes and helpful advice for navigating everyday life.

Connecting Through Experience

As first-generation immigrants, we understand the unique challenges and rewards of moving to a new country. We believe our experiences can resonate with “global citizens” everywhere. Through this blog, we aim to share our story of settling into a new life, offering valuable insights that others can learn from.

A Passion for Sharing

Both our careers and side hustles ignite a fire within us. We’re passionate about what we do, and we hope to share this passion with you. We’ll offer practical tips and advice to help you navigate the everyday (but never mundane!) aspects of life.

We are excited for you to take part in our journey. Go to our blog page for our features. The gallery page will showcase captivating photos. Connect with us through social media or emailing us.