Legoland Florida for 1D/1N

When you only have 24 hours in Legoland Florida, it is a challenge how to enjoy that brief time. How are you going to maximize that moment and have fun? What can families, especially with small kids, do and try together?

Our trip to Legoland is short but memorable. The kids are ecstatic about it as they like building with blocks and legos. Nevertheless, it is not a stress-free trip for adults. This is how we take advantage of the only time we have.

Book an Overnight Stay

Legoland Hotel is our choice for bed and breakfast. However, there are two other options to choose from; namely, Pirate Island Hotel and Beach Retreat. Each of these has different room types.

A room for the adventurous

The “Adventure Room” is where we spend our night. It is Egypt-inspired; with the pyramid, mummies, and sarcophagus. For a reasonable price, we get a spacious room with a separate sleeping area for the kids. Our kids especially love the bunk bed!

Standard with other hotels, there is a refreshment bar of coffee, tea, and water. You can always bring your own snacks and drinks.

In addition, a welcome pack awaits in each room that contains, of course, a Lego set! There is also a vault with lego pieces that you can play with, but this belongs to the hotel.

Legoland Florida hotel is special

Whoever was the architect or designer of the room thought of EVERYONE. I love that the bathroom is spacious and the shower area is easily accessible to all. If you have someone who is in a wheelchair, the bathroom has a flat surface including the shower. You can wheel the chair into the shower safely.

In addition, a welcome pack awaits in each room that contains, of course, a Lego set! There is also a vault with lego pieces that you can play with, but this belongs to the hotel.

Immerse in some hotel activities and amenities

Dip in the heated pool

Heated pools at Legoland Hotel

I always dread that first touch of pool water. Just thinking about it sends a tingling sensation to my back.

However, the pool has just the right temperature for your comfort. The area is sloped so small kids can stay there without the risk of drowning. A floating device is in a conspicuous place to warn swimmers that beyond it is deeper.

Lifeguards are everywhere and there are numerous life jackets. Indeed, the hotel assures you of safety.

Toasty smores Legoland Florida style

Smores night is an add-on to our stay. With a fee, you will get a box of chocolates, crackers, and marshmallows. Later at night, families and groups gather around the fire pit outside the hotel. The smell of roasted marshmallows will attract every individual, young and old.

Dancing and merrymaking

Legoland Hotel is unlike any other hotel. For one, you can build anything anywhere if you have lego pieces. Don’t worry, there is always a lego piece lying around. 

If you like dancing, you will definitely like the disco elevators. Although going up or down is short, you can always strut those dance moves every time you step into the elevators.

Are you still rearing for a dance? Then join a pajama party that happens at night by the lobby. Kids and adults show off their signature moves. You can do a battle or you can do the square dance.

Also, there are scheduled workshops if you want to improve your Lego skills or learn the basics. Lastly, there is a mini golf course to while your time away.

Legoland Florida Theme Park

We conclude our trip with a visit to Legoland theme park. Here, everything is a thrill. There are rides for kids and also for thrill-seekers. 

One day is not enough, but given our limited time, we just have to make do with what we can explore.

VR ride

We love the Masters of Flight, a cool and exciting VR space ride. As I am an easy target for motion sickness, there is a little feeling of sickness after the ride. Definitely not for those sensitive to this kind.

Become ninjas

Ninjago World is also a must-see. It is like time warping to Japanese olden times and experiencing being a ninja.

Battle rides

Do not miss Ninjago The Ride and Lost Kingdom Adventure. Here you ride a vehicle, and you blast off mummies, skeletons, and more enemies using a blaster or fireballs and lightning.

A view from the ground up

The Ratatouille ride is also fun. If you want to know what the world looks like from a rat’s view, then you should try this. You will also get to experience how rats, and other tiny animals, feel when getting chased out of the restaurant.

Legoland theme park has a lot more to offer than the ones mentioned above. It is surprising that we, the adults, are having a good time as much as the kids. Hence, it is a completely fun excursion for the whole family.

Legoland Florida is worth the trip

We know the stress we will have when we plan a day trip to Legoland Florida; it is stressful but worth it. All we need is to plan out our activities ahead and maximize what we can do with our limited time. It sure is ideal to plan a vacation for more than a day at least. Sometimes, however, you don’t have the luxury of more days for vacation.