Exploring the Stunning Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is majestic

Sedona, Arizona is a famous tourist attraction and we are so delighted to have seen it in person. We were breathless with its wonder.

Sedona is stunning with its soaring red rocks.
Sedona is stunning with its soaring red rocks.

Sedona greets its visitors with grandeur

Before reaching the town, the entrance to Sedona is already jaw-dropping. You will be greeted with towering clay-colored rocky mountains, and green bushes and shrubs. On the day of our trip, the sky was clear and blue. The place is like an oil painting on a canvas.

Moreover, there is vividity in the color of the mountains, exuding warmness even when the temperature that day is 55 degrees. It is serene and calm. This is no exaggeration, but you will forget your qualms in life.

On the way to Sedona.
On the way to Sedona.

A chapel at the top of Sedona

From afar, we see the imposing structure of the chapel, sitting on top of one of the mountains. Naturally, this is our first stop, as well as for other tourists. While the place is beaming with visitors, it is not crowded.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona.

The Empire State Building is the inspiration of the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona and its construction was completed in 1956. There is a tall cross inside the chapel, and when you go to the front and step into the footsteps, you will see Jesus gazing directly at you when you look up.

Before leaving, we lit candles and said prayers.

Strolling along downtown Sedona

The town of Sedona is old and charming. Most structures kept their old exterior, but modernity did not ruin their beauty at all.

In addition, beautiful homes sit along the mountains. It surely would be nice to live in one of them, seeing the pretty landscape outside every day.

There are shops for almost anything: food, drinks, souvenirs, and a lot more. Due to time constraints, we only saw a little bit of the town. Even so, we enjoyed every moment of it. It is nice to just take a walk along the pavement and bask in natural beauty. We would love to come back to Sedona undoubtedly.

The picturesque view of downtown Sedona
On our way going downtown, we can't help but be in awe with this picturesque view.
Sedona scenic view alive with vibrant hue.
Sedona scenic view alive with vibrant hue.