New York City Attraction - Hello Brooklyn Bridge

A New York City attraction that is a must-see for every person who visits Manhattan is the Brooklyn Bridge. It is iconic, it has a long and rich history, and it is gorgeous.

While it is our dream to see numerous famous spots in New York city, it is not on our bucket list to visit all of them. Nevertheless, we do not miss an opportunity to see one or two of these landmarks every time we visit New York.

I would like to say that every corner of New York City holds its own beauty. There is a striking aura in this urban jungle. Nevertheless, there are several spots that stand out among others. They make a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

We are blessed that we are geographically near because, honestly, it would be almost impossible to spend a lot of money on travel, hotel stay, food, etc. Otherwise, we would only be exploring New York through pictures and the written word. 

Brooklyn Bridge

Perhaps the most famous bridge in the world ( and I always thought that the London bridge is very popular because of the nursery rhyme). 

The Brooklyn Bridge is a top New York City attraction because of its history and architecture. It checks off several boxes including being the only bridge in NYC with towers made of limestone, granite, and cement. Other bridges, such as the Manhattan bridge, reveal more steel.

Read more of the story of the Brooklyn bridge through this feature “The Amazing Story of the Brooklyn Bridge, a NYC Landmark” by Kevin Walsh.

Our little tips when visiting the bridge

We are always baffled by other people’s photos of the Brooklyn bridge because we couldn’t see the bridge. What we don’t know is that these pictures were taken on top of the bridge; there is a pathway in the middle where people could walk! Amazing!

There are so many people there getting a photo without other people in the background is nearly impossible. Another thing you need to know is to watch out for bikers and cyclists because they don’t care who is blocking their path. Our friends told us that one time they saw someone get hit by a cyclist so badly, yet the cyclist just went his merry way like he didn’t injure the walker. Scary!

We would love to witness someone proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge. It surely is a romantic spot.

These are just a few things that make this New York City attraction a must-see. Here are some of the moments that we capture during our tour.

Brooklyn Bridge - The Moments We Capture

NYC skyline behind Brooklyn Bridge
Three New York City attractions in one: the stunning New York City skyline, the sunset and the Brooklyn Bridge. They make poets out of anyone.

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Couple shot with the famous New York City attraction.
Imbibing our inner celebrity personas with the Brooklyn Bridge as our background.
Woman under Brooklyn Bridge New York City attraction
This shot is taken in a garden in a little corner under the Brooklyn Bridge.
New York City attraction group pic Brooklyn bridge
Good friends make our visit always meaningful. Huge thanks to these wonderful people (others not in the picture, and another one stuck with something) who always make time to meet us.
Woman on Brooklyn Bridge
It is exciting and riveting to be standing on top of the bridge. Under our feet is a wooden pathway, and underneath it are speeding cars.