Hamad International Airport and Qatar Airways

Hamad International Airport (HIA) and Qatar Airways offer you the best of Qatar. From its world-class facilities to superb customer service, they are simply a gem brighter than others.

Both Qatar Airways and HIA have been recognized consistently as among the best. It’s obvious we do not want to pass on the opportunity to immerse ourselves in what Qatar has to offer on our way to the Philippines. 

Qatar Airways Experience

Best of Qatar - Qatar Airways
The sky looking hazy on the horizon of the Arabian desert.

The actual flight time is more than 9 hours. Nevertheless, we surely did enjoy the plane ride with Qatar Airways.

Warm smiles and friendly greetings welcome us as we head to the economy. The cabin crew are all accommodating and helpful. While they do their tasks, they also anticipate your needs and provide excellent service.

Outright we see the business class seats, to our utmost jealousy.  How it will be so nice to sit and relax in one of those. While it already appears comfortable and spacious, I wonder what the first class would look like. We heard that first-class passengers are able to take a quick shower in there. Something that travelers deserve after a long flight.

Keeping the tiny tots busy

An airplane ride with two kids is not easy. However, we have comfortable seats and lots of entertainment. Because it’s a long flight, we all get the basics such as pillows, blankets, eye covers, and what-have-yous. Our kids get special packages too to keep them occupied. For in-flight entertainment, there is a ton to choose from movies to music. I was able to catch up on all Bourne movies, and I got to see some that were just released.

Fill the belly

The food and snacks being served are sumptuous. At least to our non-elite standard. Three options for each meal. We assume there is no choice for pork because of religion; it works for us because we like to limit our pork intake. They give us so much food, some of them we take home because they are delicious. The drinks are varied as well, whether alcoholic or not. I love my hot green tea and am satisfied with just hot water.

Overall comfort

In regard to sleep and comfort, unless you are in an actual bed, the economy seats are not so bad. Luckily, my height is not above 6 feet and my wife is at least a foot short; hence, leg room is not a bother for us. The cabin temperature is set just about right and a mini-fan is overhead if needed.

A work of art that is HIA

Hamad International Airport, with its architecture and futuristic design, is definitely one of the best of Qatar. It is huge and sectioned into art, modern design, and lush gardens. While on layover, we love to stay at the gardens.

There are shops and restaurants everywhere. You may go shopping sans the tax. Or you may taste different world flavors from the restaurants. One of the ramen shops there is on our checklist to try out, so at 4 AM we had ramen. 

Spiritual and quiet time

It is unique to see that they have prayer rooms and silent rooms. Some of us do not miss prayer and this is a good spot to have that moment. We see people going into the silent rooms to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of transiting passengers.

Coming back soon

These are only two of the many wonders Qatar has to offer. While small, the country has so much to offer and we hope we get to see them on our next travel.

Best of Qatar - Giant art HIA