Spring Recital | Eisley Plays the Piano at the Park

Our daughter is practicing for days for her spring piano recital. On May 1 2022, she performs her piece at the R.E. Olds Park.

What is spring recital?

Her music school, Creative Keys Music School in Dunedin, FL puts up recital schedules for each season. The school encourages all of their students to perform. Eisley first performed for Halloween in 2021. 

Her piece of choice for the recital

Eisley chooses two pieces to perform. One is the “Allegretto” by Reinecke and the other is “The Swan” by C. Rollin. Her piano teacher Ms. Deb let her choose these, with the teacher’s assessment, of course, if she would be able to play it.

The Swan

According to Goodreads, “This is a graceful, legato study in arpeggios in G major, with a lyrical middle section and dynamic contrasts throughout the piece.” Honestly, I don’t understand any of the words above. But, it feels like this is a complex piece.


I would assume that this is also complicated to play for her age as she has to play in a duet with her music teacher. 

Piece for piano recital

Practice and performance time

Several weeks to practice the piano

It was around January of 2022 when Eisley decided to join the spring recital. She has lessons and practice every Saturday for half an hour. This is her second time to perform. The first one was for Halloween the previous year. She didn’t want to at first. With our encouragement, she eventually said yes. 

Prepping for spring recital performance

Eisley is the type of person who doesn’t want to show her excitement, and hates when you remind her about an event that is about to happen. We are positive that she is anxious. However, her teacher has been giving us highly positive feedback about her, saying that she is quick to learn. So, we are not a bit worried that she would not perform well. In the morning on the day of her performance, she practices one last time with ease and confidence.

Program flow for the spring recital

The program starts at 10 am. She is the 18th performer out of 20. Each music student plays their piece, followed immediately by the next performer. The program lasts approximately one hour. 

While Eisley plays the piano for spring recital, other students play the guitar or the violin. Most type of music is classical, but others also played modern music such as pop music and movie themes. 

Eisley's Performance for Spring Recital

As played by a more seasoned pianist

The Swan – Rollin

Our source of pride

Like most parents present in the park, we are extremely proud of our daughter. She did a duet with her teacher. We are almost dismayed that she doesn’t have a solo, but she played “The Swan” by herself. Our hearts beamed with pride as she did it fluidly (if she did have a mistake, how would we know?)

She transitions more smoothly now and she has minimal pauses. She may have to work more on focusing on the music sheet rather than her fingers. Nevertheless, this is a vast improvement from her last performance. I don’t hear her much at home as she only sporadically practices. Coming from someone who doesn’t play the piano, I think this is an amazing feat.

Spring recital certificate

Our wish for Eisley

Our hope is that she would continue to have the zest to play the piano. We look forward to seeing her perform again. She likes music and she excels at it. If this is her passion, we support her with all of our hearts.