Best Halloween Parade Ever​

-Eisley Tampus-

On October twenty-ninth, my school had a special event called the Halloween Parade at 1:45 PM. I thought it would be a great event. A lot of my classmates had cool costumes for the Halloween parade. 


I was Harry Potter

Once everyone was ready for the parade, we all packed our bags because we will all leave early IF we see our parents. If not, then you stay until the normal dismissal at 2:55 PM.

Yay! Parade time! Fifth grade, second grade, fourth grade, and third grade classes were all lined up in the PE court to walk around the school grounds. However, I felt a tiny little splash in my nose…Oh no! It’s raining! It started to rain HARD. Everybody ran to find shelter. I went to a roof at the PE court. It felt like the worst day and the best day, kinda.


Hey! Nothing really happened. The rain stopped after a minute. So, we still had enough time to start the parade.



After walking around the school grounds, I saw my parents, but not my little brother. My class and me headed back to our classroom and took a quick break and eat our goody-bag treats. Then after a minute, I put my backpack on and got my computer bag and then walked to my parents and told them that I saw my brother so that we can get him to go home. Then we got home and had a great time then slept.